Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pier Jumping

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." ~ Isak Dinesen

Hot afternoons we hide under the shelter of the pier, which stretches out over the bay. The jewelled waves are beneath us and the mildly hesitating sky hovers above. There is nothing but listening to time pass and watching people watching you.

It is almost time for my summer break from teaching, and I am off to a different coastline. I hope in my next post to show you where I'm going, but for now I'll just leave you a hint: 

"a far away land which happens to have the largest concentration of Native American place names in the U.S."


  1. That Isak Denison quote is one of my favorites. We're lucky to live in sunny central Florida and have a condo in Panama City Beach which we don't get to visit often enough. I'm your newest fan/follower. Your postings will keep reminding me of how much I love the ocean!

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  3. Love Andrew's work - really captures the essence of our beautiful coastline, and it looks even better in real life!
    beach art

  4. Oh i do hope you will return to your blog to let us know your new coastline location.

    1. Hi Kerrie, I apologize for not updating very much, but I just posted where I now live!


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