Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ice on Lake Michigan

Almost two years ago, I was leaving for Nantucket and a much-needed vacation. But since then, my world has turned around, and I have moved to a much different coastline. The water (when it isn't frozen) is no ocean. For almost a year now, I have been living near Lake Michigan, and this has been an experience like none other. I moved here to get married to my best friend, and I am so happy to be here. People ask me if I miss Hawaii, but I know that this is where I belong for right now. And even though the winter the past three (four...five?) months has been a little terrifying and horribly frigid, I love my life. Lake Michigan is a beauty, and we recently took a day trip to Grand Haven to pay a visit to the icy lighthouse. I apologize for slacking for so long on this blog, and I can't promise I will be here as much as I wish, but I hope to update you all when I can on this new Paradise I am living in.

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