Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sea-inspired Outfits from Shabby Apple

The world has dried out around here. We're still afloat after all. Besides the everyday adventures of teaching music, life has been a little busy, especially since we're counting down the days until my brother's wedding next month. I'm very excited to spend time with my family who's flying in from the mainland. It's been forever and an age since we've all been together. So... Wedding = excuse to buy new clothes (right?). I'm not very good at fashion statements, and therefore never post my opinions here. But in my desperate attempt at finding a decent dress, I came across this fabulous online shop I fell in love with: Shabby Apple. Ever hear of it? You need to check it out, especially since it has some lovely sea-inspired outfits.

I went with this sea-foam green/ tiffany blue Alice dress:

The dress is completely overlaid with feminine lace and actually falls to my knees (which I like, but it's so hard to find). I'm a little shocked at my unusual (for me) color choice, but it's sooo... beachy? Great for an outdoor wedding. 

As it so happens, I found this lovely sea-blue skirt as well:

Shabby Apple even has a whole line of nautical-inspired fashion, which includes this darling Lighthouse Dress:

I hope I'm not boring you, but this makes me feel so ready for spring and beach picnics and sunshiney seashore days. Until next time, stay calm and be sure to always have the sea for your horizon!

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Definition of Green

Lately, the view from this side of the world has looked like this:

Rain, rain, and more rain, and even I (secretly fascinated by the wet-worlds of Seattle and the Planet Kamino) was getting a little weary of the absence of sun and stars behind that sheet of gray water. We had a couple violent winter storms, resulting in actual frozen-water hail on the East Side. Buildings were flooded, bridges were closes, and feet were generally wet. Then today, the sky grew blue again, and though the air is still cold, it has been nice getting reacquainted with sunshine. One good thing about the rain though, is that it makes everything here green - vibrant, verdant, velvet. So, considering that St. Patrick's Day is coming up this week, here is photographic journey on the definition of green.

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