Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, You Are Mine

My dearest Monday, I have three words for you: Kiss My Grits. I refuse you the power to become just another weekly cliche. Outside, the world is glowing and alive, and you, Monday, are a day just like any other. Full of possibilities and breathable air and birds singing. I read somewhere that if "Monday" were a French word, it would literally translate "My Day". Monday, you are mine. 

Besides, I've already had an entire pot of English breakfast tea this morning. I can't tell you how happy I was to discover a grocery story on the island that actually sells loose-leaf Twinings. Very Happy.

Have you seen the moon lately? The Harvest Moon. I heard it is the smallest full moon of the year.

You all know how I adore autumn. In return for all the lovely blogs that share the long-lost fall beauty with me, I thought I'd share some shots of the vibrant green hillsides that surround me here.

Get the picture? I live in the definition of green. Actually, I don't live in that exact spot. These were taken up in the "mountains". We went hiking in the rain, which is better than it sounds. The sun would shine for a few minutes, then clouds would cover up all the blue, letting the rain fall in showers. We met a couple of Canadians on the trail, and one of them said something I've thought ever since I moved here - It's like the produce section of the grocery store; the rain comes every once in a while to freshen everything up. We only hiked a mile in, before we were craving hot chocolate. On our way back, we were reminded to scrub our boots, to rid them of weed seeds. Number One: we weren't wearing boots, and Number Two: scrub them with what? And don't forget, horses can track seeds too. 

After the trail (and a hot chocolate run at Starbucks), we went to this place where all the driftwood in the ocean seems to collect:

We also saw this pretty awesome petroglyph made by the ancient Hawaiians:

But the best part of this "almost roadtrip" was the Discovery of the Lighthouse. For quite sometime, I've seen a lonely lighthouse in the distance, not knowing how to get there. There are no signs, no apparent roads. But thanks to the kindness and patience of a good friend of mine who remembered, we finally found it. We had to get out of the car, cross a golf course, and follow an abandoned trail, but we found it. 

Looking back from the lighthouse, we saw the afternoon sun pushing through the rain clouds, gilding the grandfathered sea. It was a beautiful day. Like today is going to be.

And Monday morning is over, just like that. 


  1. I would say that that is a perfect Monday. :) Your photos are so beautiful, the green is so vibrant and I could spend days where that driftwood is! :) So glad that you found the lighthouse, it is beautiful and I am glad that you are enjoying the fall photos, I was thinking of you while I was posting them. :)
    Have a great day!!

  2. I loved you shots particularly of all that driftwood and the ancient Hawaiian rock art. Facinating

  3. Rose~ Thanks so much for visiting.. and may I say I am sooooo jealous!! What fantastic shots and that lighthouse.. I need to go!!
    Your newest fan!
    Love it here!
    Gypsea Nurse

  4. love your shots? correct me if I am wrong is this Kauai? The green is just mesmerizing, you've inspired me to explore this weekend for the green in my area.

  5. Love your blog. Your pics are very beautiful. I am following you now. Looking forward to more of your gorgeous shots. Greetings from Indiana...Heidi


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