Thursday, May 27, 2010

Step-by-step guide to ward off insanity... Hawaii style

1. Treat yourself to a large iced mocha
2. Remove shoes (if you live in Hawaii, chances are they're already off)
3. Hide your face in a hat
4. Drive down a windy road - hairpin turns required - until you get Somewhere (preferably the sea)
5. Turn up the radio to tear-your-heart-out music
6. Walk down a long beach and sit on a lonely rock
7. Feel the ocean spray on your face (it's just like that sprinkler system at Disney World)
8. (Lovingly dry off F. Scott Fitzgerald who got soaked in the aforementioned ocean spray)
9. Resist the urge to jump in and swim to Christmas Island (you won't make it, and I know this because...)
10. Smile, because whether you are looking at the real sea or the sea of life in front of you, you have been blessed.



  1. No shave ice??? Iced mochas are good BUT......gotta go with the shave ice in Hawaii.

    I can totally relate to the book on the beach thing. When we were there last, my girls thought Kev and I were crazy for just wanting to sit on the beach, staring at the water or reading, and not wanting to be in the water, just taking it all in, watching for sea turtles.

    55 and drizzly here right now. A book on the beach in the solitude of Polihale sounds absolutely wonderful.

    Enjoy those days on the beach and whoever you drag off the bookshelf to read.

  2. great program! # 6 & 7 sound perfect!

  3. Marmee, shave ice is good, but it's more of a relaxed-vacation kind of treat. Sometimes you just need coffee to be happy :) 55 DEGREES? That's icy... don't worry, summer's coming!

  4. Hola! Thanks for stopping by today on sealaura. I like this list, I will have to add some cali vibe to mine, but the part about the ocean spray sounds magical.


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