Monday, July 18, 2011

Surviving Hawaii

Happy Monday, everyone! It's been a mildly Mediocre Monday for me (as opposed to Miserable, Manic, or Magical), what with getting my head out of the weekend and into the tasks of the week ahead. But I have been getting things done. I worked in some studying this morning with my pedagogy texts and was able to practice Chopin and Debussy to my heart's content as well. This afternoon I've been working on a project which I will reveal after I show you this...

Looks a bit crazy, doesn't it? It's actually only about 10 or 15 feet, but I jumped off (didn't dive like the boys in the picture)! my own dismay... It was fun though, and I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous. One doesn't always get the chance to live in Hawaii where cliff-jumping opportunities abound. 

Other adventures on my list of late: 

sat through 3 hours of an all-boys Halo party
survived an attack of the cockroaches
walked into a library without my library card (*gasp*)
cooked pasta with white wine sauce
refrained from ice cream
played a game of Battleship
made multitudes of music

Extremely exciting, I know. 
But I love my life <3

OK, so back to my project. You may or may not be familiar with my HubPages site, but HubPages has been hosting a special contest this summer. It's called "Share and Share a Like", and seeing that the whole point of the contest is social networking and writing articles that people want to share online, I thought I might as well share this one with you. In the process of putting my hub together, I found myself outside in my snowboarding jacket, to the confusion of the neighbors...

 My hub is called "How to Survive a Vacation in Hawaii". I was inspired by my dad who always tells visitors the Worst Case Scenario about activities around the island. I always think it's funny, so I thought it would be fun to write from the perspective of a worry wart. So please check it out, and if you like it, share it on Twitter and Facebook! 


  1. Hi Rose! I love the pic, cliff diving looks like fun but I think I would stick to the lowers cliffs. :) You look adorable in your snowboarding jacket. :) I am off to read your article!

  2. Hi Rose! Thanks for stopping by the Everything Coastal blog, I am so envious of your courage to jump off those rocks. I am pretty brave, but not so physically brave!

    Will have to check out your Hub page - good for you!

  3. I don't know how a vacation to Hawaii could be bad!!! I would love to go of these days!
    But until then i'll just live vicariously through your blog:):)


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