Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sea Turtle and Sea Swell

There is a deplorable amount of soaking wet roosters roaming around today, and I'm beginning to wonder whatever made me think that the rainy season was ever over. Still, an umbrella-accompanied walk through the morning rain shower has its own delights, especially when succeeded by a hot shower of the indoors sort. 

Despite the abundance of water that's been pouring around lately, yesterday saw a bit of beautiful sunshine on the seashore. There was a south swell, causing high surf, which, combined with a strong wind, was splendid to watch from the safety of dry land.

 And not only was the ocean a gorgeous sight, but a cute someone on the beach caught my eye ... This handsome stranger was about 3 or 4 feet long, I'd say. He had been swimming in the strong surf, only coming to shore to take a little nap before going back out. His face in the sand, his flippers sprawled out, he slept soundly beneath the warm sun despite the crowd of fans that surrounded him. 

A giant sea turtle! This is a rare sight to find on the beach. I often see turtles swimming among the waves, eating algae off the rocks, but they don't like to come ashore very much. So it was a treat to see this one sleeping on the sand, oblivious to the surplus of tourists snapping his photo. He was so adorable, I wanted to take him home, but I didn't think he would fit in my bathtub.


  1. He is definitely a handsome fellow. Who needs movie stars anyway?

  2. He is certainly one handsome guy! But I'm afraid you are right, I doubt he would fit in your bathtub. How exciting that he came up on the sand to nap! What a fun day!

  3. what a sweetheart. I went on a snorkeling trip while in Kauai and was so impressed with these guys, they looked so adorable just enjoying the sea and life. Perfect!

  4. Rose you might want to spend time in England, and it's certainly a good place to be, but oh my word where you are is not too shabby either.

    Your beach photos are stunning. Our beaches are miserable in comparison. We have stones and pebbles, not sand, and the choppy Channel waters are frequently grey and brown and oh so very cold.

    Almost mid-July and I wouldn't even dream of going into the sea yet. My husband has had one chilly dip!

    As for the wind - it's a constant, tiring presence, blowing straight up the Channel in an angry, cold fury - almost every day.

    Nonetheless, I love England. :)

  5. i love these photos! the colours of the sea, the waves and of course the turtle. my favourite is the 3rd shot.
    cheryl x

  6. Your photography is lovely and how amazing that a sea turtle was on the beach. Now that really is paradise.

  7. Oh my goodness...lucky you to get to see such a sweetie:) Your photos are just lovely!!

  8. Hi -Am your newest follower via Love of the Sea - hello!

    Love the photos -that poor big ole turtle! Hope it makes it!!!

    Love your blog -

    Best Wishes,


  9. WOW!! That sea turtle is HUGE--how cool to have spotted him!

  10. Like everyone else I am thoroughly impressed with the size of the turtle! Glad to know he was just napping.

    The color of the water is so amazing. And the surf was quite rough. Gorgeous views for this east coast lady.

  11. Wow! Those pictures are breathtaking!!!


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