Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Busy Somethings and Mailboxes That Look Like Fish

"Life seems nothing more than a quick succession of busy nothings..." So says Fanny Price in the film adaption of "Mansfield Park." Very true, most of the time, but lately life has been a succession of busy somethings. Someone in my family came back this week from the Rockies, boasting about the snow and skiing and all that fun stuff we snow addicts don't want to hear about. But I am very happy about a new writing project I've started. For some time, I've been wondering about the world of Wordpress, but didn't know if I should change over or not. I finally decided to start a new blog, this time on Wordpress. My new blog is called "In Love with England" and is devoted to Anglophilia. I've been having a great time getting in touch with my English side. If you would like to join the ranks of the Anglophiles, or if you want to see how little it takes to get me excited, or if you are addicted to Jane Austen movies, please check out this link.

As for work, some new piano students are starting this week - little do they know what they are in for ... hahaha.... On the brighter side, my brand spanking new Dell laptop with a shiny black top, typeable keyboard, chargeable battery, and non-Vista operating system arrived last week, and I am very excited about it. I've been going through some cool photos I took over the last month and hope to share them with you soon. Below are a few of them - some "inspiring" mail boxes. I love how beachy they are... If mailboxes could ever enjoy being mailboxes and living lives of having bills shoved down their throats, these mailboxes would.


  1. so nice to see you, Rose - isn't it wonderful getting a new computer. My HP died last month and I also just got a new Dell Laptop that I'm in love with. I'll be popping over to your new blog :O)

  2. Hi Rose, it is so nice to meet you, you have a wonderful blog. :) I have always wondered about word press but too chicken to turn over to it. :) I love these mailboxes and would love to do something like this to ours but due to plows in the winter, ours is heavy duty plastic. I just adore that fish one! :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. haha such fun mailboxes!! my bf and i want to get one of our dog <3

  4. Hi Rose, I have just been catching up on some of your posts. You have a fun blog. I enjoyed the signage and love these mailboxes.
    How is wordpress working out? I have also wondered about it. Your new computer sounds wonderful! I have a dell desktop that I love and have often thought of getting a laptop.

  5. @Blooming Rose Musings - I'm glad you like :) Wordpress is very different from Blogger, but I think I'm slowly learning how to use it better. I just wish I knew more about website design... My new laptop is sooo nice! Love it <3


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