Saturday, April 16, 2011

Island Life, Part Two

There's just something about quiet harbor days that gets in your soul and makes music with your memories. I took these harbor photos the day before the tsunami, strangely enough, when the world felt peaceful and the boats weren't capsized. I love these houses on stilts above the calm waters. Beach houses are amazing and all, but harbor houses have a beauty all their own.

...boating downhill...

Cars can only get you so far on an island. One of the best ways to see the bigger beauty of the coastline is by sea. Kayaks and canoes are a lot of fun if you don't mind a little exercise and a lot of fresh air.

Abandoned boats in the harbor strike me as some of the most peaceful things in the world.

There was this solitary man gazing out to sea, and this solitary chicken gazing at the man gazing out to sea.

I'm not quite certain what kind of tree these are, but it reminds me of photos I've seen of Africa. It's so beautiful how the leaves grow on the top, leaving the stark branches silhouetted against the tropical sky.

...I'm going to call this one Stu...

The sounds of Hawaii: ocean waves, myna birds, rustling of the palm trees, and ... WEED WHACKERS.

This poor man was having a little difficulty attaching his whale weather vane to the roof; he was also probably wondering why I was taking his picture.

...classic postcard shot...

Call me crazy, but I, like Lilo, enjoy taking photos of tourists, especially of snorkelers. They're such a fascinating species ;)

A couple Fridays ago, I went to art night at one of our small towns. The art community gets together - musicians line the sidewalks and the art galleries open their doors to show off their paintings. It was rainy and dark, so I didn't get many good photos...

These orchids are absolutely real, showing off the artwork of their Creator.

One of the best things about island life? Sunsets on the sea every single night. I love living in a place where the people line the sea at the end of the day and cheer and clap as the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

"I want to live where the talk of the town was about last night when the sun went down." ~ Jack Johnson

I would also like to thank Maya over at Completely Coastal for sharing my post about the Bethany Hamilton movie Soul Surfer. Completely Coastal is a beautiful blog - if you enjoy seaside living and decor, you'll love exploring this site. I really enjoy looking at all the photos and getting ideas for coastal decoration. Thanks so much, Maya!


  1. These are so beautiful!! What an amazing place to live. I hope I can get to the Islands one day.
    I love Stu! ;)
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog an I am so happy to find others to share my love of the sea with. :)

  2. The photos are beautiful, as always. Someday I hope to visit....someday...

  3. Those African trees are acacia trees. They are also biblical trees. When I thought I was going to Africa in the Peace Corps I was looking forward to seeing the acacia trees. I have an unfinished watercolor of an African acacia tree...someday I will finish it. Thank you for visiting Sea Cottage. Your life is beautiful. OH and I like Jack Johnson.

  4. Wow, how gorgeous your paradise appears to be. I am in love xo

  5. Thanks for sharing...
    the photos are really amazing,
    and the views breathtaking ♥

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! One of my best friends lives in Hawaii, and all of the pictures she shows me are breathtaking! You're so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place!

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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