Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seaside Signage

The small details are the ones that count, right? When you live on an island, the sea seeps into all the little cracks and crannies of life. It doesn't take a long time to realize when you're by the seaside; all the signs are pointing to it.

You know you're at the seashore when the pedestrian crossing signs look like this:

Quicksilver and Roxy- surf shops for those who know how to spend a Quickdollar. (As a note, have you ever noticed that the Quicksilver/Roxy stores in the mountains show surfing movies on their TVs, while the stores by the beach show snowboarding movies? The grass is always greener...)

Mmm... Aloha is so tasty

Lappert's Kauai Pie? Best ice cream ever!

 I love this sign - it would go great in my imaginary beach house!

Bubba's Burgers - great beach food, but I must say their milkshakes are better than their burgers.

No, it's not a snow cone, a slushie, or even a shaved ice - it's SHAVE ICE.

Found this down at the harbor - it's all written in Pidgin, which is a slang made up of English, Japanese, and Filipino words and who knows what else.

I'm a sand people, what are you?

I thought it was cool how the store was able to put an outrigger canoe up above, making you look like you're Overboard.

Aloha means: Hello, Goodbye, Love, Peace, and pretty much whatever you want it to mean.

E Komo Mai means: Welcome 

This should have been my license plate, but unfortunately, my only boat is imaginary, and for some reason, the state won't give me an imaginary license plate.


  1. How fun!! I get a kick out of signs. Of course I love the surfer crossing one tons! Love the peak into your corner of paradise :)

  2. What I wouldn't give to be at the beach right now! I'm so jealous!

    P.S. Stop by and check out a giveaway I'm hosting on my blog!

  3. These are great! I love the xing sign!! :) The shaved ice looks soooo good!! Thank you so much for taking us around the Island. :)

  4. Oh, Rose, these are all so cute!! I love the Life's A Beach sign with the crabs as well as that Xing sign for the surfers. Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend ~ Aloha

  5. Wow, I love how you've gone and taken photos of signs around the place. Think I may do the same here xo


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