Friday, May 18, 2012

Spa Day at Koloa Town Salon

Having my brother's wedding here in Hawaii was a great idea. They were able to have all the excitement of a Destination Wedding with all the convenience of a wedding near home, since some of us live here. We were able to drive around and find the best place to have a spa day with the girls. As a kind of bachelorette party, we all wanted to have a relaxing day before the wedding. The place we found : Koloa Town Salon

The people there were so sweet and helpful. We were able to get pedicures, manicures, massages, facials, and I even got a henna tattoo. They do hair and makeup as well. All in all we had a great experience. This spa is definitely the coolest I've ever been to. 

The salon was recently converted from a rental property. The building itself is on the national register of historic places, as it was the old telephone/radio building from 1926. The building is right in Old Koloa Town, reminding passersby of the plantation days from the last century. Everything has been updated however, redecorated in a tropical style that is a little more Colonial Caribbean than Plantation Hawaii. White walls and dark wood furniture give the rooms a sense of old elegance. With the morning sunlight streaming through the windows, the space is lit up, resurrected from its long days in darkness. I love how this place was revitalized. The owners have kept its historic charm, while making it still useful today. It was a pleasure to enjoy this little piece of history. 


  1. OMG, I just love that place. Her interior is what I would give anything to have. Of course I have not anything so I guess I will never have it. I digress.

    Wonderful photos and I love the experience you shared. How many blogs do you have?

    By the way, though I have lived on Oahu for 47 years I forgot where Koloa was. I was hoping here but in the back of my mind something kept saying Kauai. Bummers.

  2. How cute, love it, I'm a day spa hound......found you through beachcomber and now following, how could I resist!

    Sar x

    1. Hi Sarah, so glad you found me! I'll be sure to check out your blog too :)

  3. kareninhonolulu ~ isn't this spa just the coolest? I have two blogs: this one and - they're a lot of fun for me, and I try my best to keep them updated. I also have an article website:
    And yes, you're right, it is Kauai :)

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