Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up

Hello internet, after a crazy couple of months that involved my brother's wedding, sleeping on the couch for two weeks, a broken computer, and a piano recital from my students, I am still alive. I think. I am also in the midst of planning a trip to a different coastline (location to be announced later) which has been fun but time-consuming. But as life slows down a little this week, I hope to start catching up online here. 

Much of my family came out in April for my brother's wedding, and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to all be together again. In Hawaii, of all places. We did lots of fun family stuff - went to a luau, had a day at the spa, and spent plenty of time soaking up the sun at the beach. Within the next week or so, I hope to post some photos, including some of the wedding, which was outside by the sea. For now, here are a few random shots.

Relaxing in the Pacific

Ubiquitous chickens

Sunset through the rain

Farmer's market

Baby octopus salad (which we did not buy)

My nephew ready to get in the water

My sister braving the paddleboard


  1. Hi! So happy to get caught up with you - welcome back to the internet... lol!

  2. How wonderful to have your family there and to be able to spend time together again.

  3. what a beautiful place! glad you got to spend time with your family.


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