Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Things

It has been said that the simple things are those that really matter. Well, my life has been a bit simple of late. Whether it has mattered is still undetermined. Music has been keeping me going lately. Piano lessons and choir class - seeing the kids get excited about music makes it all worth while. I actually broke out (not literally, of course) the grand old violin yesterday. We had a tender and touching, though a bit scratchy, reunion. Among other things that have been happening to me recently:

I accidentally closed a door on a baby gecko -without going into details, it was not a pretty sight.

A whale jumped out of the ocean today, just because I was there.

I discovered a rather fat rat in my garage - it was practically waddling away from me when I opened the door one night.

Despite a general indifference and lack of talent at scrapbooking, I learned how to decoupage a box. It was fun, plus I now have a new favorite word. Decoupage, decoupage, decoupage...

 Spring is on its way... I think. Those of you on the mainland are probably waiting on the edge of your seats for the snow to stop and the sun to start shining again. Here in Hawaii, the winter is our rainy season. Despite some rainy afternoons and wet spells (and a case of acute thunderstorms last week), the sun has been smiling the last few days. The local plumeria graveyard...

...has sprouted a few blossoms...

I wish the internet had a scratch-and-sniff button so I could show you what Heaven smells like. Somebody please invent that.

As the seasons come and go, the sea always and never changes - it is always beautiful and never the same. The other day I watched as distant rain showers fell on the Pacific while the setting sun cast golden beams into the veiled horizon...

On a closing note, here's the latest from snowoholics anonymous:


  1. Great photos. You live in such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Really love the first picture. :-D

  3. Thanks for stopping by today! I love your pictures. You know, Hawaii is on my short list of places I hope to see some day. I'm sure it's spectacular.

  4. Hope the little things end up mattering. ...Except for the baby gecko. If that starts to matter, I think I'll cry.

  5. Rose,
    What a fantastic post! I've gotta tell you, yes, I am waiting anxiously for spring. This winter has been pretty brutal. I live in Tulsa, OK and on Feb. 1st, we had 18" of snow fall. On that day, the first day of the month, we set a snowfall record for the most snow in ALL OF FEBRUARY. Also, set a snowfall record for the most snow in 24 hours. It took us most of two weeks to dig out of that despite temps rising up into the 70's a few days of that two weeks. I can appreciate your love for snow and winter has I have the same affection for Hawai'i and it's year round perfect temps. I have had people there tell me I would miss the seasons, but after much consideration I can honestly say that I would be perfectly happy with temps between 65-85 360 days a year.

    Also, I have got to agree with you about the smell of plumeria. Heavenly! The Bible tells us that heaven is better than anything we can imagine or experience on earth. Well, then if it smells better than plumeria, we have got quite a treasure waiting for us.

    Your simple things truly are what matter! ;)


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