Monday, January 23, 2012

Hiking Sleeping Giant

Hiking can be so exhilarating, relaxing, strenuous, and fun, all at the same time! We recently went on a hike I had never done before. There was a new discovery at every turn in the path ... incredible panoramas of the island ... stately trees ... deep peaceful breaths. 

The hike: Sleeping Giant, otherwise known as Nounou Mountain.

photo courtesy Wikipedia

The beginning of the trail traverses a Norfolk pine forest. Quiet and cool, the regal trees towered above us.

The trail itself is like other Hawaiian trails: red dirt that gets very slippery in the rain, tree roots forming natural steps.

The Giant's Toenails (leaves from the Koa trees, I believe):

The goal: make it to the top of the cliff alive.

Okay, so it wasn't that scary. Besides, this view is the reward:


  1. what a beautiful view!! it does look a bit scary.

  2. An amazing view and what an achievment to climb such a beautiful mountainside.

  3. Hi, blogger has deleted my comment so many times. Hope you are well! Hello from South Texas!

  4. Breathtaking view and photos! I can't get over all that green! Gorgeous.

  5. The photos are beautiful, as always. Love your posts

  6. Priceless shots! What a hike that must have been, lucky you! Thank you for sharing such beauty with us! Happy I found your unique blog!

  7. What a wonderful place to hike and the pics are so beautiful.


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