Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Counting down the minutes until 2012... The night is clear, brimming over with stars. Neighborhoods in all directions are sending off celebration fireworks, stealing "the silence of immensity" and turning it into a chaos of cluttered color. 

When I put my new calendar on the wall, I look back on the old calendar, looking at all the birthdays, the Bible studies, the movie nights, the piano lessons, and I see moments and faces and smiles. I remember laughter and pain and anxiety and happiness. I look at all the days of things that we do, and I think, "So this is a year. This is all that goes into one single year of our lives." And as cliche as it seems to say, the new calendar is blank, the days unwritten. Who knows all the joy and sorrow that will come. It is like starting a new book, smelling the beautiful pages and wondering how the story will unfold. 

This afternoon, we made an adventure along the sea cliffs. For a change, the day was sunny and blue-skied. And the ocean... was the perfection of deep tangible color. And despite the troubles of day-to-day life, I felt happy to be on the edge of the sea, in the midst of God's creation, enjoying the company of some of my dearest friends. There's a reason we don't know the future. We are meant to live today, to remember the past, and to hope for the future. Here's to a New Year, given by God for His glory and our enjoyment.


  1. Beautiful photographs. The water looks amazing.

  2. Beautiful!

    I know it sounds corny, but did you see, "The Descendants"? My husband and I really enjoyed it...heavy on the emotions...

    Thanks for sharing the beauty and best wishes for 2012!!!!

    Sand and Sea
    (aka beachside cottage)

  3. Isn't it amazing how much we do when we look back at our calendars! Sounds like you had a busy year too! Here's to a restful 2012!

    Love your photos, it looks a "tad" warmer where you are than where I was on New Year's Day! LOL!!! The Lobster Dip is a fun event, and yes, New Englanders are crazy!



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