Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lizard in My Shower

Lizards and geckos are an everyday sight around here. I've gotten used to seeing them on the ceiling, in all the windows, in my bedroom, and even in my bathroom. I'm so used to these cute-toed critters, that I don't even care if one or two clings to the bathroom wall above me while I take a shower. It's too much of a hassle catching them. Besides, they eat insects. The lizards and geckos are pretty clever at holding on with their toes. They rarely fall from their vertical and upside-down perches. But sometimes they do. And sometimes they fall in your shower. 

This tiny baby lizard fell in my shower tonight. Thank goodness I just getting out, and he didn't fall on me. I think the steam from the hot shower made him lose his grip on the wall, and tumble down he did. He survived, of course, but he got a little wet and sudsy. That was nothing. He was petrified of my camera though, and after trying unsuccessfully to get away from it, he froze like a statue. Poor little guy. I think he's still recovering from the trauma. 


  1. aw! I usually can't stand creepy crawlies, and would normally place lizards under that category, but everything changes when things are so tiny.

  2. LOL! We get those visitors all the time - have a kitty door that is open for 90 percent of the time, so they scurry in and then scurry out!

    You got yourself a little baby, there with the big 'ole eyes!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sand and Sea


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