Monday, October 24, 2011

More from the Alakai Swamp

Back in September, I posted this about the Alakai Swamp Trail. It's one of my favorite adventures here on the island. The Alakai Swamp is the highest swamp in the world, close to the wettest spot on the planet, Mount Waialelale. The climate is so different from much of the rest of Hawaii, getting over 400 inches of rain a year. It really feels like another world. Recently, I combined photos from three different hiking trips to the swamp for an article on HubPages. If you would like to see them and learn more about the history of the Alakai Swamp Trail, click here.


  1. Loved the tour and when I saw your photo above I was thinking Lord of the Rings too! :) Such an amazing place.

  2. What a gorgeous place - thank you for sharing. I hope to visit your beautiful region some time.

    Enjoy the weekend.



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