Monday, September 26, 2011

Of Rocks and Fish Gods

Rocks are all around us. We live on island which is in reality an extinct volcano. Definition of volcano: melted rock that turns into hard rock. So it makes sense, I guess, for there to be such a thing as a "rock garden". These rocks are volcanic, black and faded black, full of holes. They eventually erode into the red staining dirt of the island. 

The rock garden I found is a display ancient rocks, which means they were in use in the days of the Hawaiian chiefs and kings, before the land was taken by the U.S. government. 

Pohaku hunaahuula ~ "the hiding place of the chief's 'feather cloak'"

Chief Kukona once hid his colorful feather cloak in the hole under this rock to confuse his enemies during a battle.

 The flatness of the salt pan was used to evaporate sea water, leaving the salt behind.

This large bowl was a sort of ancient punch bowl, used to serve the sedating 'awa drink.

Pohaku Hooikaika ~ "the stone to increase strength"

People used weights in exercise even in the ancient days.

Pohakuloa ~ tall stone - the fish god

This rather tall rock was once worshiped as a fish god. It is strange to see this stone, feel its lifeless rough surface, imagine thinking that this rock could bless your fishing. It doesn't even seem to have a definable shape - it could just be any other rock. 


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