Friday, December 3, 2010

Liliko'i - Hawaiian Passion Fruit

While those on the mainland are canning away their harvest orchards of apples, here in Hawaii we have our own kind of harvest. Apples and other orchard fruits don't grow well in the volcanic soil, but other more exotic fruits thrive in the Hawaiian climate. We have pineapple and papaya and guava. One of my favorite tropical fruits is the passion fruit, which in Hawaii is called Liliko'i. The sweet sour taste really can't be compared to that of any mainland fruits. So lately we have been harvesting the lilikoi and freezing the juice that we can use in smoothies or baking all year round. Though a passion fruit can simply be eaten with a spoon, there are many recipes and cocktails that call for lilikoi juice. To separate the seeds from the juice can be a bit tricky, but totally worth it. I've put together some tips and guidelines (with plenty of pictures) on how to use the lilikoi here.

You won't want to miss the martini recipe!

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