Friday, May 14, 2010

Hawaii Time

Yesterday I realized that my alarm clock is twenty minutes fast. Actually, I already knew that it was twenty minutes fast, but today I realized that I don't even care. I think I've lived in Hawaii too long. Who needs a clock anyway... in Hawaii it's either surf time or no surf time, but it's pretty much always surf time (ok, I know, I don't even know how to surf). Schedules are what we like to consider "laid back" here. There's even a clock you can buy that's marked "1-ish, 2-ish, 3-ish..."

Hawaii is a rare and wonderful place where seasons cease to exist; a year is like a day and a day is like a year. I have trouble keeping track of the time of year, of whether it's summer or winter on the mainland. The days run together in a lazy, dreamlike trance. It's peaceful enough, but it lacks a little of what I used to call reality.


  1. Sounds dreamy. A clock that says 1-ish, 2-ish now that's an idea.

  2. It is lovely... sometimes. But not when no one shows up to a scheduled appointment, or when you're late for something and the tourist driving in front of you is taking pictures instead of steering ;)


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