Saturday, April 10, 2010

New-found Treasure

I discovered a new beach today. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, and so cannot show you what it looked like. But then again, a camera wouldn't be able to capture with its finite lens the beauty and splendor that today was - it just couldn't - and I don't really want to share the identity of the place with anyone. Selfish, I know, but perfection needs to be left alone, untainted by change.

The beach was quiet and hidden, like all perfect things are. On the surface, it looked imperfect, lonely, forsaken. But imperfections are what make up perfection - and so I have named this place "Perfection."

Perfection is out of the way of tourists (forgive me, but you do get in the way sometimes), down a narrow winding road. The sea does not break directly on the beach, letting crystaline ripples slowly drift to land and back out again. The sky was soft and smiling; it opened on me and gave me the air that I've been needing. I felt like I was breathing for the first time in years.

Perfection is one of those places that are so desperately beautiful that you simultaneously want to stay forever and leave as soon as possible just so you can come back again.

Pirates were there before me. It was the sort of place where they would hide their smuggled bottles of rum in the stunted trees that lined the shore; it was the sort of place where a pirate ship could slip in close to land at midnight unawares. I was only a couple centuries too late to see the Jolly Roger shading the moonbeams that gild a surging sea.

Oh, hello - back to reality... I apologize. I discovered something new today. And I am reminded that life is always new, even when it feels like death. There is sunshine even in the darkest nights - you just need to pull your sunglasses off to see it.


  1. Oh how I wish I could visit Perfection! Please beware as pirates may be lurking....N.E.H. ;)

  2. Is Perfection more perfect if you share it with someone? Because I would like you to lead me to it sometime. :)

  3. I think so, as long as it is the right person. I haven't given up the secret to anyone yet. But I will definitely take you there when you come back for a visit :)


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