Thursday, March 25, 2010


Don't you just love waking up in the morning to the sound of a weed-whacker? I sure do... I don't even need an alarm clock anymore! Ahhh, the murmuring music of all those green leafy plants being cut into oblivion... Seriously though, I'm sure weed-whackers are very useful in keeping the yard in trim, but do they have to be used at eight in the morning?

Other sounds of Hawaii: lawnmowers humming, chickens squawking in the middle of the night (they're still stuck on the Portuguese time zone), mosquitos buzzing about, sirens warning you of the upcoming tsunami.

Whew, that little blurt of negativity felt good. Now for the positive side to prove that life in Hawaii is worth living. I know that if I ever move away, I will miss certain sounds. Hawaii has a voice; there are melodies and harmonies weaving together in the atmosphere. Although weed-wackers and lawnmowers are part of this orchestra, there are other aspects that blend together making the very air to quiver with music.

The rustling of the palm trees, the tumult of the sea, the waterfalls brushing gently or roughly against the cliffs. The albatross in the beginning of the year with their mating calls and beak-clacks. The bamboo growing so fast you can almost hear it. The crackle of a bonfire under a sea of stars. The rain gentle in an early morning, collapsing in a golden dusk. I sit on a mountain in the middle of the sea, listening to the most beautiful symphony ever created.


  1. Hi Rose

    The sounds of nature: you can't beat them. I live in rural Hong Kong, and at this time of year we have thousands of croaking frogs, cicadas during the day, crickets at night, but best of all: the birds. I wrote about the local birdsong recently:

    Since I wrote this post, telephone ringers and swanee whistlers have taken to 'singing' throughout the night, luckily in the distance and not in the tree in front of my house.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dennis. Hong Kong sounds like a beautiful place. I love listening to the birds too... here we have the albatross. Although its not exactly a song bird, it makes the funniest calls and clacks when around its mate.


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